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Changing Jobs

401(k) Review, Consolidation, IRAs


Joint Expense Planning
Mortgage Help

Buying a Home

Mortgage Advice
Long-term budgeting

Large Windfall

Inheritances or bonuses
Goal check review

New Family

529 College Planning
Baby Expense Planning

Student Debt

Debt vs Investing Analysis
Refinancing & Repayment

Suddenly Single

Divorce Finance
Financial Planning Help

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The biggest issue we had before was not feeling guided without an expert in our life. [After the session], I could come at the full financial picture with a greater peace.

Liz Long, Entrepreneur, Learn to Make a Product

Our Advisors are Different

We believe everyone deserves an advisor who puts them first. Here's how MFC stacks up.

MFC’s Network of Advisors

Bank and Brokerage Advisors


Primary duty to client

Working for a company

Primary duty to employer


Compensated by flat fee or hourly rate for services, pricing is upfront

Fee and commission-based

Compensated by selling products like mutual funds, stocks, and insurance for their employer

Fiduciary Standard

Legally required to make recommendations exclusively in the best interest of the client

Suitability standard

Allowed to prioritize recommendations that benefit the advisor, as long as it is suitable for the client

Certified Financial Planner® (CFP)

CFPs make up only 20% of advisors which requires high standards of education, experience, and ethics

Not required to be CFPs

80% of advisors are not CFPs, with varying credentials and experience


Must have a clean history, with no disclosures at the SEC, FINRA, and CFP Board

Screening varies

Prior disclosures and disciplinary history is often allowed as long as the matter is settled or resolved

I got into this kind of advising because I don't want to be dependent on selling products. I wanted to be as independent as possible to focus on what the client needs. I don't care how much money you have, everybody deserves good advice.

Inga Timmerman, Certified Financial Planner®

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fiduciary financial advisor?

A fiduciary financial advisor must place the client’s best interest above all else. For example, if there were two identical investments, but the second one paid advisors a commission at the expense of higher transaction costs to the client, a non-fiduciary advisor could recommend the second. In contrast, a fiduciary advisor is legally prohibited from prioritizing their profits in such a way. My Financial Counsel will only match you with independent, fiduciary advisors.

What is a fee-only financial advisor?

Fee-only financial advisors are registered, fiduciary investment advisors who only receive compensation from their client. They have fewer conflicts of interest because do not receive commission for financial products. My Financial Counsel believes fee-only advisors are the true fiduciary advisors in the industry, and as such only matches you with fee-only advisors.

On average, how much will it cost to hire a financial advisor?

The cost of a financial advisor depends greatly on the complexity and number of topics you want to address with the advisor. We have standardized the pricing, so you know what to expect when working with our advisors. For a quick financial tuneup or straightforward advice on 2-3 topics, the cost will be $499 - $799. For a more thorough financial review covering more topics or issues and requiring more nuanced analysis, the cost will be $1199 - $1999 (this is the most common). Finally, for those looking for a comprehensive review covering everything including tax issues, the cost will be $4,499 - $5,999

Do I have to shift my investments / assets to the advisor?
No. That’s the great thing about our network of advisors – they are flexible and will work with your preference. You have the choice of keeping your assets exactly where they are, or opt in for asset management service. Regardless of what you choose, your fiduciary advisor will prioritize your preferences and best interests.
How do I know if a financial advisor is right for me?
You may want a financial advisor if you’re undergoing or planning a big life change, such as having a baby, buying a house, taking care of aging parents, or starting a business. Having a professional build a comprehensive financial plan for you may help you lay future plans if you’re busy or want a professional opinion.
How does My Financial Counsel get paid?
Minimizing conflict of interest is of the utmost importance to us. Unlike many other advisor search platforms, we don’t do profit sharing or fees per lead. Instead, we charge vetted advisors a flat subscription fee to join our network. That allows us to truly focus on helping clients through the search process, without pressuring a match if it’s not the right fit.