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Am I Really Getting Free Advice with a Commission-Based Advisor?

Understanding how an advisor earns money may determine whether they have your interests at heart. So, what about commission-based financial advisors?

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How to Negotiate the Cost of Your Financial Advisor

Not sure how to get a fair rate for financial planning services? We discuss some different methods to settling on a price you're happy with.

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How Much Do Financial Advisors Cost?

The cost of your financial advisor depends on how they're compensated, what kind of advice they offer, and the experience they have. Some hard numbers.

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Find a Financial Advisor Who Specializes in Your Needs: Certifications

CFP, CDFA, CFA, CPA. All the acronyms can get confusing. We break down each of the financial advisor certifications and what it means for you.

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Can I Trust a Financial Advisor?

Are there really trustworthy financial advisors out there? We explain how to tell them apart, and how to protect your best interests.