As Seen On Reddit: Pay Off Your Loans or Put Money in an IRA?

Reddit may be the “front page of the internet,” but the fact that anyone can answer your questions there means the quality of advice you might get can range from hilarious to hilariously wrong. This is especially true when it comes to questions about finances. To make sure you’re getting the actual best answers to […]

Where to Look to Find a Financial Advisor’s Credentials and Certifications

By Nina Gass When you are ready to partner with a financial advisor, the first step involves identifying a credentialed and experienced professional. Even with trusted referrals from your social circle, you still want to ensure you’re only considering only those financial advisors that will best meet your needs. .  Unfortunately, even you friends and family […]

Starting a Small Business is Easy. Running it is the Hard Part

By Paige Connor Totaro Everyone who is starting a small business wants a checklist to use to ensure success, and there are lots of checklists out there to use. When entrepreneurs who’ve made it share their startup stories, it seems like an effortless journey. It’s not. It takes lots of time, money, and dedication to make it […]

7 Keys to Finding a Financial Advisor You Can Trust

By Sheryl Nance-Nash It’s no small matter entrusting someone to give you guidance on your finances. You work hard for your money. You need someone in your corner who knows how to make your money work hard for you. Finding a financial advisor you can trust to do just that requires some research and work upfront. Here […]

What to Consider When Building Your First Small Business Budget

By Sandy John Building your first small business budget can be difficult because you’re dealing completely in estimates, or guesstimates. However, it’s worth putting in the time, effort and research required to create a budget, because it’s a tool to help you track and control your finances. A third of small businesses that fail say that it’s because they […]