What Does it Mean to Become a Certified Financial Planner and Why It Matters

By Sandy John Becoming a Certified Financial Planner means an individual has completed a rigorous course of study in financial planning and agreed to meet a high standard of fiduciary responsibility toward clients. The certification indicates the planner has met the gold standard in the financial planning industry. Unfortunately, anyone can offer services as a financial advisor, […]

How Much does a Fee-Only Financial Advisor Cost?

By Sarah Lybrand As opposed to a commission-based financial planner, or the similarly-named “fee-based” planner— a fee-only financial planner charges only for their services and nothing more; they do not earn a commission or kickbacks for recommending certain products, making certain referrals, investing in certain funds, or by selling you additional services. Fee-only advisors are widely considered […]

What is a Fiduciary?

By Nina Gass You may have heard the phrase “fiduciary responsibility” in reference to finance and investment professionals. However, while the phrase is familiar, you may not entirely understand fiduciary meaning in terms of how it impacts you as a client. What you do know is that situations like the Madoff Ponzi scheme illustrates a complete lack […]

What to Ask Your Advisor if You’re Interested in Socially Responsible Investing

By Sandy John “Socially responsible investors” is the term used for people who want their investment to do more than just provide a good return. They also want their investment to benefit society in some way. Socially responsible investing, or SRI, is the most common name for this practice, although you’ll run across other names […]

How Employee Benefits Can Impact Your Small Business

By Samantha Stutsman As a small business owner, making difficult decisions is part of the job description—including whether or not to offer benefits to your employees. For those who employ fewer than 50 people, the choice is yours to make, as state and federal laws don’t require small businesses to provide health insurance or other benefits for […]