What Are 529 College Savings Plans and When Should You Start Considering One?

By Sandy John With college costs growing at about 3 percent a year, it’s common–and reasonable–to worry about how to pay for your kid’s education. A 529 college savings plan is a simple way to save for college. These plans are designed to encourage families to save for college expenses by allowing your investment to grow tax-free. […]

Fee-Only or Fee-Based Financial Advisor? Know the Difference

By Nina Gass The worst feeling in the world is not knowing if you’ve gotten what you’ve paid for or not. You go through the sales process, make a decision to purchase a service and hope you’ve made the right choice. It’s nerve-racking to think you’ve just entrusted another human being to make the best […]

Becoming a Financial Advisor Is Probably Easier Than You Think: 5 Easy Steps

By Sarah Lybrand Whether working for individuals or corporations, financial advisors are a suite of highly-specialized professionals—planners, specialists, consultants, and/or analysts—that work to preserve, allocate, and grow the savings of their clients. Not only do professional advisors make good money, with median salaries over six figures—the field is expected to grow by as much as 15% by […]

How To Decide What Questions to Ask A Financial Advisor on Your First Visit

By Samantha Stutsman Once you’ve decided to get professional help with your finances, choosing the right financial advisor can feel like an overwhelming task. After all, this is a potentially long-term relationship that could influence some of your biggest life decisions. You’ll want to interview at least three financial advisors before signing on with one for the […]

The Comprehensive Guide to How to Become a Financial Advisor

By Sammi Caramela Many–if not most–people struggle with their finances at some point in their lives. Often, it has less to do with how much they earn and more to do with with how they manage their money. That’s where financial advisors come into play. But being the right person to give financial advice comes down […]